This section of the web-site contains information intended for existing members of the choir and will be updated regularly. The primary method of communication with members will continue to be by email.

Please note that at the next practice on 6th November, there will be a book sale: please bring good quality books to be sold for choir funds.

Dinner for Dominic

Many thanks to all those who made the dinner on 14th October such a success. Especially Caroline Hazell, who organised it; Helen Johnson and Maggie Edmunds for the words of the song and Ben Heneghan for tweaking the music by Thomas Morley!

Future Concert Dates

December 2nd 2017: Music for Christmas. The programme will include the first 3 Parts of the Christmas Oratorio by Bach, together with Christmas choruses from Handel’s Messiah.

December 21st 2017: Carol singing at John Lewis

April 14th 2018: Mozart Requiem

July 14th 2018: Programme to be decided

November 24th 2018: Date to be confirmed

LCCS Committee. For the 2017-18 year, members of the committee are:

Michael Brooke (Deputy Chairman), Caroline Lynch-Blosse (Secretary), Sonia Liggett (Treasurer), Sue Rayner (Co-librarian), Sue  Smith (Co-Librarian),  Maggie Edmunds (Assistant Treasurer), Lucy-Ann Pickering (Assistant Secretary), Geraint Davies, Ingrid Jüttner, Ben Heneghan and Margaret Hurle. Meetings are also attended by Alex Thacker (Acting Chief Conductor).

The next meetings of the committee will be at 7.30 on Wednesday 22nd November and Wednesday 10th January, both at Holly Grove.

Rehearsal Chairs

Members are asked to arrive a few minutes early for rehearsals and to collect their own chair from a classroom, noting where it came from so that it can be returned to the same place at the end of the session. Sue Rayner will guide the operation when needed. Many thanks for your co-operation with this – it is important not to create difficulties for teachers at the school.

Dress Code. A reminder of the dress code for concerts:
  • Gentlemen: Black evening suit, white shirt, black bow tie, black socks and shoes.
  • Ladies: Plain black floor-length skirt in plain fabric,  white cotton top of completely plain design and with a SCOOPED neckline, red over blouse (available from Sonia Liggett), black tights and shoes.

Sonia is always very happy to help in any way.


LCCS members singing carols at John Lewis in Cardiff in December 2016, on behalf of Believe, the charity which supports organ donations: